By Steve Russo (Heavily hacked by me (justin) for the new installation method.

Here is what I needed to do to get bttv2 working on a RH 6.2 machine. The v4l2 script exits prematurely because videodev.h is non-existant - see step 6.

1: Setup a vanilla 2.2.16 kernel with module support.

2: Install lmsensors and the i2c package. (J: Get i2c stuff from

3: Rename your i2c.h file in /usr/src/linux/include/linux/i2c.h /usr/src/linux/include/linux/i2c.h.old.

4: Untar bttv-0.7.xx (where xx >=45) and run MAKEDEV. Compile bttv. (J: Source and instructions at:

5: Untar videodevX, do a "make" and "make install"

6: Untar driver package, do a make and make install.

7: Change your conf.modules to compensate for bttv2. (J: Typically just copy your "options bttv" line, and call it "options bttv2")

8: Get mp1e and qdvt. (J: mp1e is great - REAT-TIME mpeg audio and video recording! Get it from any sunsite mirror in sunsite mirror under apps/sound/convert for some odd reason. QDVT readlly lives up to its name (quick and dirty), and is available from