This project is in its final stages... From now on, only basic maintenance will be performed, as there are no features left to be implemented. bttv2 will be superseded in the 2.5 and 2.6 kernels by bttv-0.9.x, which also includes v4l2 support, and has a much cleaner implementation.

If you do not know what v4l is, or what v4l2 is, or are not sure that you really want a v4l2 driver, and just want to watch TV, then this is not the site for you! Rather try

For details on installing and testing bttv2, please look at the "Installation and testing" link to the left.

19 February 2002: Updated driver:

  • Synch with bttv 0.7.90
  • Add RISC debugger

    25 June 2001: Updated driver:

  • Fix chroma saturation bug (at last!)
  • Update to bttv 0.7.68
  • Fix for PXC200 card init


  • Update to bttv 0.7.62
  • PowerPC fixes thanks to Adrian Cox

    24 June 2001: Fix CVS link on CVS page...

    Note that bttv2 does not compile under gcc-2.96. I will update it to compile under gcc-3.x soon (although this will not be supported by the kernel for a while yet, it may enable you to build on 2.96 systems). If you have a 2.96 system, and qant to build bttv2, then you can edit bttv-driver.c, and remove everything after "#define Dprintk(x,args...)" and "#define Vprintk(x,args...)", on their respective lines. This will remove all logging, but it will build cleanly.

    16 March 2001: driver fixes/updates:

  • Fix in init sequence if bttv_norm is set (thanks to Xye )
  • Fix v4l backwards compatibility (various errors in buffer type checking and CONTIG_MAP flag).

    9 February 2001: driver fixes/updates:

  • More audio fixes (untested)
  • Changed some default values (can be changed with vidpanel too)
  • fixed 2.4.0 build hack - should be able to unmap memory again.
  • 2.2.18 build fix is tested.
  • Fix for audio unmute with msp3400

    NOTE: videodevX is no longer at this site - it has moved back to the site.

    17 January 2001: Updated videodevX package. Now up to date (except for extra details in PROC_FS) with latest 2.4.0 kernel and Gerd Knorr's v4l1 updates. Tested on 2.2.18 and 2.4.0.

    12 January 2001: More updates. Build fix for bttv2 driver on 2.2.18. Makefile fix and 2.4.x PROC_FS fix for videodevX.

    11 January 2001: Back from holiday. New release of driver and videodevX. Updated to bttv-0.7.53 - should compile on new kernels now. Added a "Raw Timestamp" switch pass unproccessed timestamps for buffers. Activate it with vidpanel. Fixed timestamping of field captures.

    14 December 2000: Going on holiday till middle of January 2001. Some quick updates before I go:


  • fix vbi line numbering


  • experimental devfs support for 2.4.x (by Dan Merillat )

    4 December 2000: New release of videodevX and driver.

    Changes for driver:

  • Fix VBI API - should now hopefully be correct.
  • Sync with bttv-0.7.49
  • Sync with bttv-0.7.48
  • Clean up setting input
  • Add VCR hack

    Changes for videodevX:

  • Bring up to date with Bill's videodev20001125.tgz

    30 November 2000: Due to popular demand, date formats are updated to YYYYMMDD format. Expect some new releases in the next day or two.

    10 November 2000: Updated web site slightly to make it easier to find the installation instructions.

    2 November 2000: Updated usage instructions to include videodevX package. Updated driver to include multiple controls. Included "utils" package with a fixed vidpanel that can handle.

    23 October 2000: One bug fix - pretty significant bug in that it could (and did with vbi) lead to sporadic memory corruption.

    23 October 2000:

  • Up to date with bttv-0.7.45.
  • Experimental VBI support added (multiple capturing opens, with per line resource locking).

    9 October 2000: Moved some more CVS work into the "Real World". The latest driver-xxxxxx.tgz package now has full support for multiple capturing opens.

    26 September 2000: A lot of work has been going on in the CVS recently, so I decided to add a new download of the driver. The changes are:

  • A number of fixes from Carl Witty (fixes a few possible races).
  • Added support for 2.4 kernels (thanks to Marian Jancar).
  • Integrated bttv's memory management, and updated to bttv-0.7.41.
  • Fixes for non-Intel machines (any test reports would be welcome).
  • Start of rewrite for multiple capturing opens - the DMA engine is a lot cleaner now.
    (This version seems incredibly solid - try as I might, I have not been able to even get it to glitch, never mind break).

    31 August 2000: Added a short HOWTO for RedHat 6.2 thanks to Steve Russo.
    Changed default page to "Announcements". Click on Introduction for the basic intro (previous start page).

    16 August 2000: Fix in capture with no buffers thanks to Marian Jancar.

    8 August 2000: Radio support added.

    4 August 2000: Complete rewrite, now called bttv2, based on bttv-0.7.x series by Gerd Knor.

    21 March 2000: Very busy ;-< ... Just putting up a CVS tarball.

    6 December 1999: Added read() support and restructured.

    25 November 1999: CVS up, new release in downloads.

    22 November 1999: Project moved to